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music & movement classes

music & movement class

music & movement classes

rockin rob’s music & movement classes are completely interactive & educational & geared for preschoolers & families etc.

classes are “theme based” & promote age - appropriate lesson plans, songs & movements, etc.

children will learn shapes, colors, numbers & letters throught he benefits of music & movement.

classes promote education through musical sing - a - longs, fingerplays, fill - in - the - blank & call & response educational interactions & participation, etc.

classes foster & develop social, emotional, cognitive, physical & mental growth & focus’ on the “whole child”.

we promote teamwork, motivation, self - confidence, self - awareness, healthy living, education, interaction, positivity, self - esteem, self expression, fun & more.

education through the many benefits of music, movement, imagination & storytelling.

music & movement classes work especially well in learning and educational environments & establishments.  

enrollment is scheduled on a weekly, bi-monthly & monthly basis.

classes are available to schedule now @


day cares

elementary schools


community centers


learning centers &

corporate events

rockin rob’s music and movement classes are completely interactive & educational, geared for preschoolers & families.

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