the rockin rob show


the rockin rob show


music and movement workshop

music and movement workshops are completely interactive & educational.  children will enjoy learning through the benefits of music, movement, storytelling and fun! music and movement workshops foster social, emotional, mental, physical, cognitive and intellectual development.  classes are geared for 2-8 year olds. 

children will learn shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and enjoy a high energy musical workout. children will express themselves through music and movement & reap the benefits of teamwork and discipline. learning to count, add & asubtract, or fill-in-the-blank, are both colorful and imaginative. children will learn how things move, talk, walk and sleep, etc. we will explore singing, dancing, and simple rhythmic interpretation through finger-plays, interaction, musical instrumentation, rhythmic exercise & sooo much more..

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percussion 'hand instruments' workshop

children will enjoy the exploration and experimentation of rhythmic interpretation using simple rhythm and percussion instruments.  Instruments explored in this workshop are:





cajon (wooden box drum)

wood blocks


rhythm sticks

other simple percussion

children will sing, dance, imagine and create through rhythmic interpretation.  This percussion workshop fosters teamwork, discipline, creativity and self-expression through the exploration of rhythm, movement & fun! 

children will begin to learn and internalize rhythm subconsciously through the exploration of rhythmic exercise, with the use of simple/tangible rhythm instruments.


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FREE DEMOs available upon request.